Concert: "Flamenco Andaluz"

by Bin Dola Trio

Bino Dola (flamenco guitar)
Marco Bussi (percussion)
Matthias Gräb (bass)

Concert: 'Flamenco Andaluz' by Bino Dola Trio | Bino Dola Trio - Kulturgemeinde Bad Berleburg (Photo: Dolamusic)
Concert: 'Flamenco Andaluz' by Bino Dola Trio | flamenco guitarist and music producer Bino Dola - Kulturgemeinde Bad Berleburg (Photo: Dolamusic)

Kulturgemeinde Bad Berleburg

The alliance of flamenco guitarist and music producer Bino Dola with top-class musicians such as Marco Bussi (percussion) and Matthias Gräb (bass) guarantees an extraordinary performance. Fans of Spanish guitar music won't be disappointed when the trio will present Andalusian flamenco music at its finest this night.

The notes echo longing and enjoyment of life, gentle melancholy and big passion, dreamy and fiery, sensual and virtuoso. When Bino Dola vibrates the 6 strings of his Granada-built guitar, he creates a firework of emotions. Exciting rhythms, piercing picados, rolling alzapúas constantly give way to gentle tremolos or sparkling arpeggios. Dola's music reflects the soul of Andalusia by being deeply rooted in tradition and yet open to new things.

Marco Bussi will present grooves that are as exciting as they are sensitive with his cajón or darbuka. Matthias Gräb is famous for his deep tones and he skillfully makes his fretless bass sing lyrically.

The trio tells stories from Andalusia, the cradle of flamenco, in a lively and captivating way. Excessive joy and melancholy alternate very quickly. In this way flamenco reminds you that these emotional states are both components of life.

An event of the Kulturgemeinde Bad Berleburg e.V. for the 29th Berleburger Literaturpflaster "Spain".

Further information about the flamenco guitarist and music producer "Bino Dola" and the musician "Marco Bussi" (percussion) can be found on the internet:

Auditorium of the Johannes-Althusius-Gymnasiums, Im Herrengarten 11

Friday, 9th of September 2022

7.30 pm

18,- € / 10,- € for pupils and students

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