Guided tour: "When wisent and bison meet"

Judith Silverthorne (Foto: Natalie Fischer)
Kaja Heising - Wissenschaftliche Koordinatorin der Wisent-Welt Wittgenstein (Foto: Wisent-Welt)

mit Judith Silverthorne

and Kaja Heising, research assistant at Wisent-Welt Wittgenstein

What is the difference between a wisent and a bison? Do these animals actually still exist today and if so, where can we find them? Why are these animals so important for the natives of Canada?

Questions like these and many more will be asked this afternoon. With the Canadian author Judith Silverthorne and Kaja Heising we will search for answers.

There is a lot to learn about these huge animals. It is going to be an afternoon full of exciting learning and fun for the whole family.

Registration is required.

Wisent-Wildnis, Weidigerweg 100

Friday, 29th of October 2021

2.00 pm

5,50 € / 3,50 €

To sign up at

Judith Silverthorne

Judith Silverthorne, award-winning Canadian author, has spent most of her life in Saskatchewan, researching its history and culture and enjoying the beauty of its landscapes, which have inspired several of her books.

Wisent-Wildnis am Rothaarsteig

Weidigerweg 100 · D-57319 Bad Berleburg

Wisent-Wildnis am Rothaarsteig

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