28. Berleburger Literaturpflaster - Canada

27. Berleburger Literaturpflaster - Canada | Singular Plurality - Singulier Pluriel (Foto: Carsten Schmale)
Literaturpflaster (Stein) - (Foto: Carsten Schmale)

"Singular Plurality - Singulier Pluriel"

A literary and cultural voyage to Canada,
the host country of the Frankfurter book fair

September until
November 2021

The Literaturpflaster  has been dedicated  to the host country presented on the Frankfurter book fair for 28 years. The all-out events have been enjoying growing popularity and we were quite thrilled about the enormous response on our series of events „Norway“ last year. We focus on public literary events featuring writers reading from their work to live audiences, and offering a wide range of other cultural events, including typical cuisine, arts and more.

The Literaturpflaster is well-known far beyond our region since at least the Hungarian president Árpád Göncz made a reading in 1999.

The organizing team is looking forward to „Canada“ this year and is  currently working on a program which will be published soon. The events will take place shortly before and after the Frankfurter book fair.

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Frankfurter Buchmesse

The project is part of Canada’s culture program as Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Bookfair 2021.

Canada FBM2021

1, Nicholas Street, Suite 504 · Ottawa, ON K1N 7B7, Canada
eMail info(at)canadafbm2020.com · Internet canadafbm2021.com

Canada | Singular Plurality - Singulier Pluriel

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