Honoring the Bison

Judith Silverthorne (Foto: Natalie Fischer)
Judith Silverthorne: Die Würdigung des Bisons

Reading by
Judith Silverthorne

A Plains Cree Legend based on the story by Ray Lavallee

Rikarde Riedesel

On this date, Canadian author Judith Silverthorne will be on site to read the Plains Cree legend of the bison. In the book with stunning images, Judith Silverthorne brings Ray Lavallee's tale to life.

Grandfather and grandson visit the Natural History Museum together, stopping in front of the display case with the huge bison. "Why do we actually honor the bison?" the grandson asks his grandfather. So the grandfather begins to tell his grandson the legend of the bison, which for the native Plains Cree is the most important animal in their world.

On the one hand, many exciting facts will be given about the bison, which populated the grasslands in large herds, and on the other hand, the audience will learn a lot about the culture of the Plains Cree.

An afternoon for young and old discoverers. Finally, the author will be pleased to answer questions about bisons and the Plains Cree people.

You can find more information about Judith Silverthorne on the Internet:


„Dritter Ort Bücherei der Zukunft“, Poststraße 42

Thursday, 28th of October 2021

5.00 pm

6,- € / 3,- €


Judith Silverthorne

Judith Silverthorne, award-winning Canadian author, has spent most of her life in Saskatchewan, researching its history and culture and enjoying the beauty of its landscapes, which have inspired several of her books.

Mike Keepness

Mike Keepness grew up on the Pasqua Première Nation reserve in southern Saskatchewan. The Qu'Appelle Valley was his childhood playground, a place of adventure and discovery within easy reach. Today, he still roams the valleys and over the hills, spending time by the river from which he draws his inspiration. For Mike, nature is a place of prayer, a refuge. Being firmly rooted in nature is the foundation of his work.

Artist Mike Keepness of the Pasqua people, illustrator of the book "Honoring the Bison - A Plains-Cree Legend", passed away on 12 February 2021. He created a unique legacy with his richly detailed and colourful images of Plains-Cree life.

Ray Lavallee

Ray Lavallee is a Guardian of Wisdom and healer from the indigenous Cree people.

In addition to English and a little French, he speaks the Cree and Saulteaux languages [1]. He has always lived according to the culture of his people, about which he learned everything from his grandmother Mabel Whitestar, a healer from the indigenous Day Star people [2]. He travelled extensively in North America, Cuba, Germany and Switzerland to promote his culture and learn from other cultures.

[1] Saulteaux: One of the indigenous First Nations peoples in Canada (Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and occasionally British Columbia).
[2] Day Star: Small indigenous First Nations people in southeastern Saskatchewan.

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