Träume aus Beton

Reading by Kiko Amat

Rikarde Riedesel

Kiko Amat (Photo: © Cesar Nuñez)
Kiko Amat: Träume aus Beton

The novel tells the story of Curro’s life, who has been in a psychiatric institution for over twenty years because of a knife attack he committed in madness. An illustrious group of like-minded people has gathered around him and together they are planning an escape. On a second narrative level, the reader gets to know Curro in his youth, a prototypical outsider with a bright view of the world, dealing with the problems of his dysfunctional family.

»Träume aus Beton« is a tale of fear, non-conformity and living on the fringes of society, where breathtaking tenderness meets brutal reality.

By now, Kiko Amat has published six novels and three non-fiction books that have achieved cult status in his home country. His protagonists usually live on the edge of society in urban settings. He has many different talents as he combines the genres of literature, art and music. It promises to be an evening that will leave an impression.

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Autohaus Opel Kroh, Ederstraße 72

Sunday, 23rd of October 2022

7.30 pm

6,- € / 3,- €


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