"Lesesüchtig", The Book Club:
Die schönste Art, sein Herz zu verlieren

Mamen Sánchez (Foto: © privat)
Mamen Sánchez: Die schönste Art, sein Herz zu verlieren

by Mamen Sánchez (VHS)

Heidi Haswell-Lückel

Your family and friends only recognize you with a book in front of your face? When you go out a book is your most important companion and you prefer the bookshelf to the TV? Would you like to exchange ideas with people who feel the same way? In this case, the book club "Lesesüchtig" the right place for you.

We chose the exciting romance novel "Die schönste Art, sein Herz zu verlieren" by the Spanish author Mamen Sánchez, who made her big breakthrough with this story.

„Madrid. A literary magazine is about to go bankrupt. The stiff Brit Atticus was asked by his father to handle the business for the last time. But the five female employees are doing everything they can to secure their jobs. That is why the five ladies hatch a plan: Soléa, the most beautiful of them all, is chosen to distract the Englishman. A little later Atticus (equipped with a lot of Earl Gray tea) is sitting with the beautiful Soléa on a vegetable cart heading for Andalusia. There are said to be one hundred love letters by the writer Federico García Lorca waiting to be discovered.“

You are invited to discuss this book in the group, read it and exchange ideas with reading friends. The "Dritte Ort Bücherei der Zukunft", the library of the city of Bad Berleburg, offers a pleasant atmosphere with snacks and drinks (drinks are not included in the entrance fee).

„Dritter Ort Bücherei der Zukunft“, Poststraße 42

Wednesday, 21st of September 2022

7.30 pm - 9.00 pm

6,- € / 3,- €

Registration via the VHS is required!

Mamen Sánchez

Mamen Sánchez, born in 1971, studied communication sciences in her native Madrid, then literature at the Sorbonne in Paris and at the universities of London and Oxford.

Today she is the deputy editor-in-chief of the Spanish magazine "Hola!" and editor-in-chief of the Mexican edition.

She is married and has five children.

With the novel „Die schönste Art, sein Herz zu verlieren“, the journalist and author achieved a terrific breakthrough in Spain.

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