"Club de lectura", the Spanish online book club:
El misterio del Camino de Santiago

Madeleine Höfer (Foto: © Madeleine Höfer)
Mario Martín Gijón 'El misterio del Camino de Santiago' (ab Sprachniveau A2)
'Club de lectura', der spanische Online-Buchklub (Foto: © Danua Kscheminski)

by Mario Martín Gijón
(from language level A2)

Madeleine Höfer (VHS)

This book club is offered as an online event as part of the Literaturpflaster. Our choice fell on "El misterio del Camino de Santiago", a thriller that will help you to refresh, deepen and expand your Spanish language skills.

This evening you can experience an imaginary journey on the Way of St. James. Enjoy an exciting short story that keeps hidden a number of puzzling events.

We invite you to discuss this thriller in a group, read it and exchange ideas in simple Spanish. You can find a lot of information about Spain and its language in this book.

We will meet online. When you register via the VHS, you will find out how you can easily access the online reading club.


Tuesday, 4th of October 2022

7.00 pm – 8.30 pm

Participation is free of charge!

A binding registration via the VHS is required!

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