"In the beginning there was longing - pilgrimage on the Spanish Way of St. James"

Michael Kaminski (Foto: © Nikolaus Röpfl)

Lecture by
Michael Kaminski
pilgrim referee, adult educator, Munich

In the beginning is the longing for….change. No matter in which life situation you are, which search moves you, or which upheaval, which question of orientation occupies you - pilgrimage brings change. Anyone who decides to go on a pilgrimage will say goodbye to the old, set off and dare something new. You can set out from anywhere, from Berleburg as well as from Belgium or Burgos.

What is the fascination of pilgrimage, especially on the various wonderful Camino de Santiago routes in Spain? What is so helpful about setting out with your issue and dreams, your crisis or quest, and experiencing a healing mixture of nature, movement, freedom and independence? At the same time, you feel safe in a community shaped by the old tradition and the spirituality of pilgrimage.

On this evening, Michael Kaminski will read from his two books "Pilgern mitten im Leben" and "Pilgern quer durch's Jahr". His texts and lively reports tell of fascinating people who deal with their different life stories and issues.

Location: Dritter Ort Bücherei der Zukunft, Poststraße 42 (Stadtbücherei)

Thursday, 6th of October 2022

7.30 pm

6,- € / 3,- €

Michael Kaminski: Pilgern mitten im Leben
Michael Kaminski: Pilgern quer durch's Jahr

Michael Kaminski

Michael Kaminski, a Protestant religious educator, is a study leader at the Evangelische Stadtakademie München and a pilgrimage consultant at the Spiritual Centre St. Martin in Munich.

Since 2007, he has been travelling alone and with pilgrimage groups on a wide range of life topics, meanwhile covering more than 15,000 kilometres on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage routes. Since 2012 he has been training pilgrimage guides for the Protestant Church.

He also gives pilgrimage impulses for different biographical situations and for all times of the (church) year in his books "Pilgern mitten im Leben - wie deine Seele laufen lernt", Herder 2016, and "Pilgern quer durch's Jahr - 12 Wege für die Seele", Claudius 2019.


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