Ella and her friends out of control

Timo Parvela (Foto: © Tammi Publishers / Ville Palonen)
Timo Parvela: Ella und ihre Freunde außer Rand und Band

Reading by Timo Parvela

Moderation: Rikarde Riedesel

This book by Timo Parvela is already the 10th volume in German dealing with Ella and her friends and it is quite difficult to put the book down before the last page. Reading this story is highly addictive for big and small.

Timo Parvela's story is told from the perspective of Ella, a pupil of primary school, who considers adult's behavior in a completely different way than the adults themselves. Reading this book means real fun, this story will make you smile.

The Literaturpflaster and the Jugendförderverein invite the whole family to come to the Public Library.

The latest book deals with Ella who wants to go to the circus with her friends but that is not quite easy as it sounds. And without giving too much away, so much is revealed: The visit to the circus will appear completely different from planned.

Big fun for everyone!

Public Library Bad Berleburg, Poststraße 42

Thursday, 9th of October 2014

5 pm

4,- € / 2,- €

Timo Parvela

Timo Parvela, born May 19, 1964 in Jyväskylä, is a Finnish author of juvenile fiction.

Parvela matriculated from secondary school in 1983 and graduated from Jyväskylä Teacher Training College in 1988. He worked at a series of elementary school teaching posts for six years - first in Petäjävesi in the Jyväskylä sub-region and later in Espoo - until the mid-1990s. Since 1996 he has been a freelance writer.

In addition to numerous children's books he has written television screenplays both for children's audiences and for adults, as well as scripts for Finnish radio.

Previously published titles by Timo Parvela:

Timo Parvela: Ella auf Klassenfahrt
Timo Parvela: Ella in den Ferien
Timo Parvela: Ella in der Schule
Timo Parvela: Ella in der zweiten Klasse
Timo Parvela: Ella und das große Rennen
Timo Parvela: Ella und der Millionendieb
Timo Parvela: Ella und der Neue in der Klasse
Timo Parvela: Ella und der Superstar
Timo Parvela: Ella und die falschen Pusteln

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